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What is the most comfortable office chair?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-02-22      Origin: Site Inquire

Before considering buying any chair you should always check the following:

* Backrest 

– The backrest needs to be comfortable, and with it, great lower back support must be available. Bad posture can come from a chair that doesn’t allow a good back support.

* Seat 

– The seat also needs to be just right; too hard can become unbearable if one would sit on it for a long time and too soft can still lead to having an uncomfortable sitting experience.

* Armrest 

– These are optional, but it helps in having a place to put your arms onto.

And also you should choose what kind of chair do you need, there are 4 types you can choose from:

* Traditional Office Chair 

– These are just typically a chair that is composed of a seat and a backrest. Armrests can be optional, and it can be on a swivel, or on four chair legs. Recliner chairs can be included with the traditional office chairs. Recliner chairs would have a special swivel at the backrest area where you can either rest your back and the backrest will follow, or it may have its own adjustment, so the user can change the angle of the backrest at will.

* Kneeling Chair 

– This is the type that allows you to sit in a sort of kneeling position, which can help in lessening lower back pain, and can even help in straightening the spine. Usually, these would have a bar at the bottom to place their feet onto, while the knees would be resting on pads. The lower leg would just be below the thigh, but the thigh and bottom will be seated. It will appear as though the person is “kneeling” instead of sitting on the chair. The kneeling chair will not have a backrest, making this kind of chair not suitable for anyone that would have a known back problem. It still generally helps in promoting good posture, but the better practice is to use the kneeling chair for some time, and switch back to a traditional office chair after.

* Exercise Ball Chair 

– This one will have the conventional backrest and armrest, but instead of a regular seat, you’ll have an exercise ball to sit on. This may help in allowing some movement while sitting, since an exercise ball will have the flexibility to “bounce” on it, making their legs move. This kind of chair can be suited for those who like to slouch, as it would be near impossible to do that with this, and this will keep you positioned for a straighter back.

* Saddle Chair 

– A saddle chair will be shaped like a horse saddle, with the legs apart, and it is typically higher than a traditional office chair. Benefits of a saddle chair include allowing your back to maintain the “S” shape of it which can help in lessening back and shoulder stress, and since the legs are at a different angle, it prevents fatigue from forming on the legs. There are types wherein the part for the legs can be adjusted so that they can be farther apart.





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